Three Avocados Coffee Giveaway!

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three avocados coffee

So, I came across THIS company today while on Facebook when one of my friends shared it. I was so in love with their mission and purpose that I wanted to share it with you, too! 100% of their net proceeds goes to provide clean water in Uganda, Africa and to educate children in Nicaragua. Cool, right?

The name “Three Avocados” was inspired by a beautiful widow in the village of Bulopa, Uganda, that gave up what little she had to ensure others could be fed. You can read the rest of the Three Avocados story HERE. I just love it when a company looks beyond themselves and wants to make a difference in the world.

I haven’t even tried their coffee yet, but I just ordered my first bag. And I didn’t want to be a hog, so I’m going to give away a bag of their coffee, too!

Want to enter to win? Just click on the Rafflecopter link below! Or maybe you don’t want to wait for a giveaway? You can order your own bag HERE. If you sign up for auto-ship between now and April 1, 2013, you will even get a free Three Avocados tumbler!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Brandae says

    So many awesome charities out there – I really have enjoyed sponsoring and gift-giving through Compassion International though since it’s an easy way to involve my children over and over and over again.

  2. Keith Bridgeforth says

    I just bought some of this coffee for my girl friend last week. She got it in the mail and loves it… I think more than she loves me. hahaha once she runs out i’m gonna have to buy her some more. Shhhhh keep that a secret.

  3. Silvia Yiyi says

    I heart Three Avocados mission, I already knew the story and I’ve been wanting to taste their coffee for a long time. I hope I have the chance soon or later.
    I’m also touched by Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) after I saw The Cove. I spread the word every time I can. Hope I can do so much more someday in the future.

  4. Jen Monton says

    We give a lot to the United Way, but I love this idea. Also like to support causes for our soldiers (like the Wounded Warriors Project).

  5. Monique C. M. says

    I like the North Texas Food Bank. They supply food to other organizations like meals on wheels and after school programs.

  6. jess says

    I love Mary’s Shelter in Fredericksburg, VA.
    They offer housing and support to women in crisis pregnancies. Regardless of religious beliefs. They also take those same women’s children in if they have others besides the current pregnancy. Oh, and they offer life coaching, babysitting, schooling assistance. They help women get a new lease on life, not only with their babies, but with a whole new way of thinking. It is amazing work.


  1. […] Many thanks to all those who entered! If you didn’t win, but still want a chance to try out our coffee, check out the blog, “Clean Eats In the Zoo”! The blogger, Shanti, is giving away a bag of our coffee! Here’s the link […]

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