“I feel so blessed to have attended Shanti’s seminar. It was one of my favorite things about the entire retreat! The transparency with which she shares God’s amazing redemption in her life is moving and inspiring. I could relate to it on many levels. I pray she can share it with the ladies at my home church, one day.”~Crystal, Monterey, CA
“Shanti’s testimony was overwhelming. My heart broke for the little girl inside her…What a testimony she has in Christ!”~Kamala, Santa Barbara, CA

ABOUT Shanti

was her
middle name…

...Shanti grew up with a schizophrenic father, a need to please and was on a constant search for approval and acceptance. God passionately pursued her and ultimately won her heart.

Years into Shanti’s marriage and after more than a decade of unexplained illness, her husband was diagnosed with celiac disease and leaky gut. Their quest to get him healthy was a long, painful journey, wrestling with God and falling on their knees in exhaustion and desperation. Through the suffering, God once again revealed Himself to Shanti as the Great Pursuer, and she has been sharing His story ever since.

Shanti’s true passion lies in proclaiming the truth of God’s ceaseless pursuit of us, and inspiring women to reach their full potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Shanti Landon is the founder of Life Made Full. She’s a homeschooling and adoptive mom of five children, a Compassion International Ambassador and wife to her amazing husband, Chris, of 17 years. You can read a more detailed account of her husband’s journey to health here. You can connect with Shanti more on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and of course, her blog! Shanti is a keynote speaker as well as seminar and outbreak session leader. 

Shanti's Speaking Topics

* God's Faithful Pursuit of Us
* Hearing God & Shining for Him
* When Trials & Tribulations Hinder You
* Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude in Your Home
* Clean Eating on a Budget
* Homeschooling..and Enjoying It!
* Adoption/Fost-Adopt-related topics

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