Confession Friday 3/8/13

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  • The other day, I drove approximately 4 miles without any recollection of how I got to my destination. We all have those moments, but this was a bit scary. I actually sat in the car for a few moments when I got to where we were going, searching the deepest corners of my mind for any glimpse that I didn’t actually teleport. And I found nothing. I eventually gave up and told my kids I’m getting old. They didn’t agree with my teleporting idea since they apparently remembered getting to our destination. Killjoys. 
  • I’m a little nervous about the procedure I’m having done on my jaw today. I had a dream last night that the doctor went in to do surgery, and found out I had maggots in my jaw joint. Ewwwww. Kinda hoping that’s not the case.
  • I found 4 new gray hairs this week. I’ve always said I’d never dye my hair and would embrace my gray with full confidence. That was until I started seeing speckles over the last year or so. Now, I think if I go gray before I feel like I should be gray, I may just whip out a bottle of Clairol. Maybe I’ll go for the purple or bright red I’ve always wanted to do. I think I could be a cute old lady with blue hair. I’m still holding on to hope: my mom is almost 68 years old, and has only just started to gray. She actually sent this pic a few weeks ago to announce her new milestone (I mean, you really gotta squint to see those little things popping up!):


  • Speaking of crazy things I’d like to do, I’ve always wanted a nose ring. Superman says no. Unfortunately (really just in the nose ring case, not in every other instance of my marriage), I met Superman when I was 18, and we got married about a week after I turned 20, so I didn’t have much time to go do wacky things before I was tied down (in a good way, of course). I should have pierced my nose while I still had the chance. I’ve made it known that if he dies before me, the first thing I’m doing is getting my nose pierced. Seriously, I’d probably go to his funeral with my new body art. I don’t care if I’m old and wrinkly. Don’t worry; it’s ok. He’s come to accept that.

That’s all I have for this week.

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  1. says

    Met my superman when we were juniors in high school, been together ever since (36 yrs old now, shhhh. Married for 4) ANYWAY, I too want a nose ring!! Did you know they make magnetic ones? Sounds like the perfect compromise to ME! ;D

  2. amber says

    I think a nose ring would look awesome on you! Tell Superman the cyberworld is behind you. lol My confession this weeks is that I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s 2 days ago, and it’s gone now. =(

  3. Cherie says

    I agree with the nose ring! You are part Indian, anyway, right? =) Loved the part about the car. I’ve done that so many times it’s scary.

  4. Sarah Stanley says

    Oh my gosh, you make me laugh so hard! I loved the teleporting thing. I SO know what you mean! And you’re right about your mom’s grey hair–I can hardly see it! That’s amazing! And she doesn’t dye her hair??

  5. Erin says

    Confession – I actually went and bought Wendys last night (bunless burger and a coke). I was craving a soda for some crazy reason and hubby was at a meeting so I splurged. To make up for it I planned the next 4 days of meals and already have everything laid out.

    I met my husband when I was 19 and we have been together for 18 years. We did split up for 2 years when I was younger and within the first few months single I got a tattoo as he always HATED them. 15 years later he still asks now and again if I ever want to remove that ‘thing’ on my ankle. I won’t say its the best tattoo and I would have done it differently if I had it done now, but no way I would give him the satisfaction of telling him that :)

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