Confession Friday 2/22/13

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for another installment of duh duh duh DUH….

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This week has flown by, and the weather has been gorgeous these past few days. So gorgeous, in fact, that I get to lead in to my first confession…

  • I may have let our kids fill up their “redneck swimming pool” and then play in said “pool.” And, not kidding, the pigs came and wallowed in the pool for a bit, too. Wish I would have snagged a picture of that.


  • I’ve been seriously craving Fruity Pebbles since I had my jaw unwired. I haven’t given in, but I have a feeling this may be a “pre-confession.” 
  • I forgot about my Lent commitment  multiple times this week and had to sheepishly apologize after my mistakes.
  • I have this thing about even numbers. Well, actually, it’s kind of more like increments of 5. My close friends know that I need to fall asleep when the clock is on an increment of 5 (i.e., 9:15 or 9:20 as opposed to 9:13 or 9:19). I mean, I can fall asleep when it’s not on an increment of 5, but I just feel so much better when it is. I know. A bit OCD of me. Anyhoo, it was really bothering me for like 5 days that I had 499 subscribers to my blog posts, and I was tempted to create a whole new e-mail account just so I could subscribe to my own blog and bump it up to 500. You’ll be proud to hear I didn’t actually do it, but I had to confess that I’m actually neurotic enough to seriously considered it. 
  • I’ve been staring at the computer screen for about 5 minutes (see, I’m rounding to an increment of 5) thinking about my 2nd confession. I really want me some Fruity Pebbles! It’s a good thing we live out in the country and it’s just not convenient to “run” to the store and get some.
  • Superman is way cooler than me. Since he’s a high school teacher, he’s always up to date on what’s “in” and what’s “out.” He informed me that Gangnam Style is officially out, and the Harlem Shake is officially in. For at least 10 or 15 more minutes, anyway. So, we had to come up with our own family Harlem Shake video. I can’t understand why it hasn’t gone viral yet. I think my youngest daughter’s face is freakin’ hilarious:

Share with me–what’s been going on in your life this week?
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  1. Gerry says

    So love your family!!! You guys are the greatest. I love to hear about your adventures and i would love a redneck pool. Despirately been keeping away from sugar / candy and indulged yesterday, oh and last Sunday for just a few. Been about 3 week though so back on the bus I go. Have a great Friday.

  2. Heather Simpson says

    Ha! That pool looks great! Fruity Pebbles DOES sound good. I may need to do a confession of my own next week…

  3. Cherie says

    I am so sure we would be great friends in real life. You crack me up! Oh, and the video is hilarious. My confession: this week I stayed up wayyyyyyy too late and way to cranky with my kids as a result.

  4. Marina says

    We are soul sisters…you have no idea. I need to start blogging.

    P.S. your video is at 589 views. You shoudl go watch it to bump it up. JS

  5. Tina Carey says

    I almost fell over laughing when I saw that video. Where did you aquire that blond wig! GO FRUITY PEBBLES!! Will you video when you eat them? 😉

    My confession: yesterday was the last day until payday and the food budget was tapped, so I served tacos with NO: cheese, lettuce (I had spinage, but my daughter was greatly disappointed with me), tomatoes, beans, or sour cream (I had plain yogurt?). My husband laughed when he saw I had a teeny weeny bit of avocado as a topping option. My family decided to make the best of it after letting me know I had seriously failed!

  6. Mickey says

    Oh. My. Goodness. You’re right, that video needs to go viral! SO funny!!! I want to live at your house! My confession is that my daughter lost a tooth 2 days ago, and the tooth fairy forgot to come. I told her that she left me a message saying she got tied up at someone else’s house and would come the next night. She was none worse for the wear, although she was disappointed in the tooth fairy’s lack of time management. lol

  7. Karla says

    Haha!!! I have to confess…….I love your Confession Fridays. Shanti you just crack me up. The picture of the kids in the redneck pool? Priceless!! That video is fabulous! :-)

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