Choffy–Have you tried it?

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Choffy? What is it? Chocolate? Coffee? Well, according to the Choffy website, “Choffy is richer and more robust than hot chocolate, and brews just like coffee.” So you basically just brew 100% chocolate instead of ground coffee. Brewed chocolate? Doesn’t seem like you could go wrong there!

I had never heard of it until a few months ago, when a reader offered to send me a few samples to try. As soon as I received the package, I broke it open to try. Being that a French Press is the simplest way to brew up some Choffy, the reader was kind enough to send me one of those, too!

When I first tried it, I made it according to package directions: Add Choffy to French press, pour near-boiling water over grounds, stir, and then let steep 5 minutes:

My first taste test was not my favorite. The flavor seemed weak, and as was mentioned to me, seemed like the texture of tea, but the flavor of coffee/hot chocolate. I tried it a couple more times, adding more Choffy to see if that made a difference to me. I still didn’t really care for it. I e-mailed the reader and asked if there was something I was doing wrong. She gave me a tip and said to try using a bit more Choffy, boiling it with the water ahead of time, and then letting it sit in the French press until drinking temperature was achieved. It was much better this way!

If you are looking for a yummy hot drink, I suggest giving Choffy a whirl! There are a bunch of different flavors you can check out HERE. However, I would also suggest brewing it using the 2nd method, by boiling the Choffy and water together for a richer flavor. Let me know if you try it, and if you do, whether it was a success!
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  1. Amber says

    Thanks for the tip! I recently started drinking it due to coffee sensitivities and the high acidity. I feel fantastic after the switch but found it a little weak as well. Can’t wait until my next order comes in so I can try it. I ran out last night. WAH!

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