An Eggsample of Why to Eat Pastured Eggs

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Can you spot the homegrown egg??

We have 30 chickens. One’s a rooster, and about 17 of them are actually laying eggs. The rest haven’t reached full maturity yet.  Because they free-roam every day, we are constantly hunting for their new “laying spot” and trying to track down eggs. I actually had to {gasp} buy eggs a few weeks ago because I couldn’t find the newest nest!

Costco sells “organic, cage-free” eggs. You would think they would have the same benefits as homegrown eggs, but you might be surprised! Just look at the difference in the photo above. Three eggs are the Costco organic, cage free; one is homegrown. Isn’t that amazing?

I think the photo is proof enough to buy pastured eggs from local farmer’s markets (or even better, have a few yourself! Many city ordinances allow for at least a few chickens), but you can read an interesting article comparing the benefits/drawbacks of pastured vs. factory-farmed eggs HERE. And you can look at this graphic to see clearly the benefits of eating eggs from chickens who spend their time foraging for their food.

Thanksgiving is just two days away…I will be hit or miss here until Monday, so if I’m not back before Thanksgiving, have a wonderful turkey day, and don’t forget–ponder on some things you are thankful for!


  • An Eggsample of Why to Eat Pastured Eggs
  • Clear evidence of the difference between free-range chickens and store-bought cage-free. Don't miss this!
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  1. Tonja says

    I have yet to find a local source of pastured eggs… the ones I got from the farmers market in Rocklin still did not have a bright yolk like that :( I just buy the best I can from the store.. organix Omega-3 free range.. and hope that’s good enough!

  2. says

    I think that’s WAY better than conventional! I agree, the ones at the store just aren’t the same. But at least you’re making an effort in the right direction!

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