Why I Won’t Tear Down Barack Obama

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Why I Won't Tear Down Barack Obama

I’m not a Democrat. Actually, I don’t really think I’m a Republican either. But, I’m not really Independent or Tea Party…I kind of just don’t fall into any political category. I’d be considered “conservative” in the public eye. 

Here’s what I do know:

Things aren’t as black and white as I once thought.

Well, some things are, but a lot of things aren’t. There’s a lot of grey area out there. 

There are certain things I feel passionate about:

*Helping people
*The sanctity of life

There are a lot of people who feel the sanctity of life is important, but then they spew obscenities about people who disagree with them, especially our president. It seems a little hypocritical to me to preach about how each life is important, each person is valued by God, and each person should be treated with respect, and then turn around and defame someone who disagrees with you. 

There’s a big difference between disagreeing with someone and bashing them. 

One of my favorite sayings is from Rick Warren: “You don’t have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand.” So true. Some of my best friends are people who are my polar opposites–people who don’t agree on anything political with me, but we love each other like nothing else. 

Why is there so much hate?

Especially with people in the public eye, we forget that these people are human. They often have children, change diapers, run households, cook food, read books, cry, laugh, get sick, have dysfunction in their families, go the bathroom…they’re just like us. Just because someone is in the spotlight doesn’t mean he or she is some untouchable figure who has no feelings. 

It bothers me that Christians are often the most judgmental people. I’m sorry if I ruffle some feathers here, but you are not perfect. Heck, neither am I. How would you like it if someone took the one thing they disagree with you about, and then plastered your face all over the world, saying what a heartless, awful person you are? 

I know, I know…when someone chooses a life in the spotlight, they know what they’re signing up for. But that doesn’t mean we have to participate in name calling or verbal bashing. 

I hear people around me say how awful Obama is. Yesterday, as I was driving, I saw this decal on someone’s bumper: 

Life Made Full

Ouch. And you know what else I saw on that truck? A Jesus fish. Yup. It really irked me. What kind of message does this send? Way to represent, guy. Thanks a lot.

I don’t ever want my kids to hear me speak disrespectfully about our president. Sure, I disagree with him about pretty much everything. But guess what? God made him just like he made me. He loves him just like he loves me. God’s hand is outstretched toward Barack Obama just as it is to me. Who am I to judge anyone for the choices they make? I can tell my kids why I think Barack Obama might be wrong, but I don’t need to tell them what a worthless idiot he is. What the heck does that accomplish? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except a future adult with hatred in his heart.

Didn’t Jesus come to love people? Yes, he preached the truth, and he convicted those who called themselves “followers” when they were doing wrong. But he ate with sinners. That means he ate with people who were outcasts, those who may not have agreed with him, those who just needed a touch of love in their lives. 

I will never be Jesus. I can’t even come close to being him. I can, however, strive each day to be more like him. I can teach my kids about compassion, loving your enemies, and turning the other cheek. I can show our kids that we are, in fact, each a created child of God, and are all equal in His sight. 

My prayer is that more Christians would do the same. Let’s stop pointing out other people’s {perceived} failures and just embrace them for who they are. 

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  1. says

    I like this post. I also don’t agree with much of what is going on in our government, however, we are not to judge others and name calling gets us absolutely nowhere. I like you, don’t necessarily fall into any of the political categories either. When I vote, I vote for the candidate and not a specific party. From my experience over the years, not only are none of them perfect, they frequently tell us one thing then do something else after the elections are over. However, this is commonly the case, so why we are surprised when it happens, I’m not sure. Very few of our politicians, actually follow through with what they said to begin with. In addition, our government is not made up of just one person that rules it. There is not only the president, but the Congress that have a hand in what happens in our country. While I might not like what the President is doing, he can’t do it alone, there are Congressmen that support his view and his agenda. They don’t seem to take as much heat for it as he does however. Ours isn’t a perfect system, but I haven’t seen any other country in the world that has a perfect system either. Unfortunately, the changes that have been taking place in our world are biblical prophesies. While we can do the best we can to live in Christ, we are not perfect, but we do need to try and do what Christ would want us to do. It took some guts to write and post that post. I admire you for being able to do that. I get so tired of the posts on facebook that are only intended to cause fear and panic and place blame. It’s refreshing to hear someone disagree with our government without bashing them.

  2. Laura B says

    Thank you for this post! I am so sick of all the hate thrown around with no respect for humanity. At a young age I was taught not to disrespect the presidency, my parents taught me that I don’t have to respect the man, but I do have to respect the office. I wish more people could be like that.

  3. says

    This is spot on. You and I might not see eye to eye on politics – I lean a little more liberal, though there are certainly things happening in the White House that displease me – but the pure *hatred out there for this president hurts. It’s shocking to me, really.

  4. milo says

    It is very upsetting when people say horrible things about the president. We should be praying for him and our government. We christians are called to pray and love everyone. We should also remember not to stray from His word(The Holy Bible) and what it says about important matters. So many Christians skip over parts of the Bible and make exceptions. It saddens me how The Word is watered down. We as Christians should be the first to pray for people who have had abortions andfor those who are gay and show love and kindness. Hate only spurs on more hate. But we should stand firm in what The Bible teaches as well.

  5. Lea says

    One more thing to add to the mix. People only see the president and his actions but they are not seeing/hearing what goes on behind the president. While the president seems to have a lot of power and perhaps chooses people who further his agenda, we also need to be aware that most of what goes on is done in the House and Senate. Those we vote into office who are supposed to have our (the people) best interest in mind. If we want to truly have change in our nation, we need to look to the people we elect, not just the president but also Congress. We can go further and look at state and local offices as well.

  6. Jolene says

    Thank you SO MUCH for this! I absolutely love it. I love your blog so much, and it’s because you speak the truth, but you do it so gently and lovingly!

  7. Darren S. says

    Well said. Well said. I saw a few of the comments on your Facebook page, and couldn’t believe that some people are so hate-filled. You keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re spreading love, and that’s really what it’s all about. Good job.

  8. says

    Hi again, Shanti. I am with you on distasteful bumper stickers, and such, but I do have a question. I think that it is totally fine to call out the President, on either side of the aisle, when they are out of line. Would you have the same stance were Hitler (or someone of his ilk) our President?

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