Why I’m Ending My Whole30 on Day 25

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This is my 4th Whole30. If you’re not familiar with the Whole30, it’s basically a 30-day “reset” where you eat meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some fruit. There is no dairy, grains, sweeteners (including natural), processed foods, etc. This program is not intended to be a long-term “diet,” but a way to figure out emotional cues, things that don’t agree with you, and just overall help you know what’s going on with your body.

This time around has been my best Whole30 yet. I’ve had great energy, even moods, and just feel pretty darn good in general. And I had planned on completing the whole 30 days. But this Thursday I am going to a French potluck with dear friends to celebrate a birthday. And I thought, is missing the fellowship of sharing a meal together worth it in order to continue my Whole30? Or do I feel content with where I am in my journey, knowing how my body feels when I eat certain things, and would I like to enjoy an experience with friends more than sitting on the sidelines? The answer, for me, was to enjoy life. Now, I don’t plan on going crazy or anything. I’m not going to eat a tub of ice cream or down a pizza. But I am going to enjoy some homecooked french food and time with friends. And I truly don’t see it as a failure. I feel great. The Whole30 for me is not about being “perfect” or miserable. It’s about resetting my system (usually after I’ve indulged a bit too much for awhile). And I’ve accomplished that. I look forward to ending my Whole30 on Thursday not because I can’t wait to eat some treats, but because I can’t wait to share a meal with friends.

So, that’s why I’m ending my Whole30 on Day 25. And I’m good with that.

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  1. monique says

    i’m in the middle of my second whole30… and i truly understand where you’re coming from. i had planned my dad’s 70th surprise birthday – which landed on the first full weekend of my w30… and i knew that i would be having a few drinks. and i did. and it was a fantastic time. next day i was right back on track. had it been later in my journey (or my first stab at w30) i might have ended it.
    the w30 has allowed me to know and feel how foods affect me. and i’m grateful for that. there are no failures…
    enjoy your party!! and have an extra bite of french food richness for me!! 😉

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