Why Brokenness Leads to Happiness

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We’re all cracked. Take a close look in the mirror and you’ll see the little lines and wrinkles, signs of life lived and stresses worn. As newborns, our skin was puckered and creased, reflecting the months we crouched, enveloped in our mothers’ wombs, waiting for our grand entrance. Weeks and months go by, and our skin becomes silken smooth, reflecting the purity and innocence a fresh child of God holds. Then our childhood of restlessness fills our skin with flaws and scars; some disappear, while others remain, marking us for life as reminders of the past.

By the time we’re grown, our bodies carry these marks. Again, take a look in the mirror and touch the lines, the small creases of skin. But look deeper, and you’ll see the brokenness that lies within. We all have it. Some of us are better at seeing it than others. For some of us, the brokenness is all we see. Maybe it was the pain suffered as a child, or the loss of innocence that inevitably happens to all of us. Maybe it was the loss of trust at the hands of a deceitful friend, once trusted. Maybe it is the shattered relationship where you still remain. You may see it when you look into someone’s eyes. The pool of sadness that hides beneath the smile. For some of us, the brokenness is hidden. Far below a flawless exterior lies a black hole, unseen by the world. But when trials come, and the wall of eggshells crack, the black hole is revealed, and despair sets in.

We all have the brokenness.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, it’s there.

You see, we’re not perfect. No matter how hard we may try or how arrogant we may be, we fail every day.

How depressing.

But it’s not!

Because for that brokenness, there is an antidote. There is a healing that only comes from the finger of God. His touch is like a fountain of youth that fills our wrinkles and creases, renewing it as childlike skin. It spreads. It covers our being with peace and strength and a softness that erases the callousness of our cracks. Look in the mirror. You may see the lines of age, but He sees a child. And when you allow His touch in your life, everyone around is blind to your blemishes and sees only the radiance of God’s spirit flowing through you. It is a contagious joy that cannot be explained. It is divine.

There is one catch: the antidote is not a one-time done deal. You must be continually touched by God and in relationship with Him to have the world captivated by your joy. You must daily reach out to Him, asking for Him to fill your lines with His healing. As a lover yearns for his soul mate, so the Lord yearns for you. Daily.

Without our brokenness, there would be no healing. Amazingly, this brokenness can lead to happiness.

Do you have the joy that only comes from the finger of God?



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  1. Amber L. says

    Beautifully written. I mean it, your words are so eloquent. Thank you for sharing about God in such a beautiful way!

  2. Mickey says

    “You must be continually touched by God and in relationship with Him to have the world captivated by your joy.” Love it!! So, so true.

  3. Heather Simpson says

    This brought me to tears. I have struggled in my relationship with God for years. It was as if you wrote this for me. Thank you for opening your heart in such a kind, gentle way and for sharing your love for God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have never believed in God. I grew up in a home that pretty much would make anyone not believe in god. I don’t see how someone could go through what I did and actually think there is a god up there somewhere. But reading this made me question myself. I’m not saying I believe in god now. Actually, I was tempted not to follow your blog once you started posting more religious things. But there’s something about you that intrigues me. I can tell you are a genuine person. There something that you wrote that really got to me. You said as a lover yearns for a soul mate, so the Lord yearns for you. No one has ever told me that before, and it made me see God in a different light. Does he really care about me? My whole life, it has seemed like god is no where around. But you are saying that he wants me? Where has he been? I know you have something that I don’t. I am a person who sees my brokenness and nothing else. I put on a good face, but inside, I am hurt. I don’t even know where a relationship with god would start. Anyway, sorry this got so long. Thanks for getting me thinking.

  5. April Swanson says

    Shanti, you are a breath of fresh air. Your writing is amazing. Have you considered writing professionally? Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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