What Sugar Does to Your Immune System…a Clean Eats in the Zoo Original!

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Ok, be gentle on me. This was my first video attempt, and I learned a lot from it. Next time I’ll have better lighting, a better camera angle (I guess that’s what having a 9-year-old camera man looks like!), and probably do things a bit differently. But it was fun, and the kids had a great time helping with it, so I’m posting it anyway!

Check it out and share it with your kids so they can see what sugar does to their immune systems!



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  1. Nicole says

    You are too cute! =) Thanks for sharing this video… I also tell my guys the immune system is a little army – they’ll get a kick out of this. I had to laugh… Did I hear one of your kids in disbelief/”that’s not fair” that you got to eat a bite?? 😉

  2. Amy says

    Thanks for this video! I showed it to my children as soon as they asked for their second piece of carnival candy. They enjoyed it. And they also were able to make their own choice and grabbed an apple instead.

  3. says

    After a weekend full of candy, I got a couple of kids with the sniffles. I told them to go slow at it, but they didn’t listen. So now they got the sore throat and the stuffy noses. Oh, well. Maybe they will learn next time. :)

    BTW, I watched the video with one of my kids. :) She thought it was too simplistic. Hey, the best truths are simple!!!! :)

  4. Katie Fields says

    Thanks for the video. I am still learning this myself. I went a week without sugar and then had a birthday party this weekend (with lots of sugary treats). I felt it soon after and feel a little sniffly now. I’m showing this to my kids – I love the way you approached the subject and included the germs (kids).

  5. Lori says

    Watched the video with my 2 girls. We all loved it and got the message loud and clear!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  6. JULIA says

    I was sitting on the couch, while my son was on the floor playing with legos, when I played this video. After only a few seconds, he dropped what he was doing to check out your video! He giggled, and later made a reference to it when eating an apple “I’m feeling pretty good, I’m feeling pretty healthy”! 😉 He also observed that “when you chew, its like your food is getting in line to go and join the “army” inside!! He’s 8! :) If you have, or could direct me to other kid friendly videos like this, I would be most grateful! Really love what you do! We use your recipes often!

  7. Jill says

    This is just wonderful. I think it makes a big difference hearing it from someone other than me/mom. And the somewhat low quality – I think gives it more authenticity. It doesn’t seam like a sales technique you might find on a fancy commercial that I would hope my children would be a little more skeptical about. The captions also make it fun to watch for me!
    I would love more! Maybe about wheat/grains/bread – the harder sell to my children especially pasta to my little Italian daughter.

    Thanks for a gem.


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