Tanka Bar Review and Giveaway!

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Not long ago, I came across these Tanka Bites at a Sunflower Market near us. You know what I loved? There are no nitrates, no MSG, no lactose and they are gluten and soy free. Hard to find all that in jerky. I wrote the company and asked if they’d be willing to send me a few samples of other products they have, as the only product I could find at Sunflower Market were the Tanka Bites. They sent me a few samples, and offered to sponsor a giveaway!

My sister came over and helped me taste test, and this is what we decided (Click on the name of the product to go directly to the website):

Tanka Wild Rice Buffalo SticksThese had good flavor, but neither one of us were fans of the texture. They were a bit crumbly, but it could be that we just don’t care for the jerky sticks in general. These, along with all the other Tanka products, are sweetened with cranberries (the cranberries are sweetened with sugar, so there is a bit of sugar in them).

Tanka Wild Rice Buffalo Sticks Spicy Pepper Blend: Again, we weren’t big fans of the texture, although this one didn’t seem as crumbly as the original wild rice buffalo stick. The flavor was great–not too spicy, but gave a good kick in the end.

Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper Blend: This was our favorite of the products we tasted! It had great flavor, good texture (not to mushy or crumbly for a bar) and provided a bit of a spicy after-bite that we loved. I also liked that it was moist and easy to chew–I feel like sometimes jerky can be a bit hard on my jaw.

Original Tanka BitesYum! What I really liked about these are the portability and “shareability”! I easily handed each of my kids a bite, and then zipped the bag back up and popped it in my purse. Easy peezy!

Tanka Bars are made from 100% natural prairie-fed buffalo sourced from as many Native American ranchers as possible. And as I said above, they are free of hormones, antibiotics and fillers, and contain no MSG or added nitrites or nitrates. They are gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free and do not contain any corn syrup. 

You can check out their Facebook page HERE, and here’s a video of the Tanka Bar story:

So do you want to try some Tanka products? Of course you do! The Tanka Bar company is giving away a Tanka Bar Sample Taster to one of  you! Oh, and you know the best part? If you don’t win, you can still place an order online from now until August 6th, 2012 and get 15% off your order by using the promo code “LANDONFARM” at checkout!

And it’s easier than pie to enter! Just leave a comment here or on the post on my Facebook page, and that’s it! I’ll pick a winner on Thursday, July 12th!

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  1. Bonnie says

    These sound interesting…I’ve been looking for a jerky without the “bad” stuff! Can’t wait to try the Spicy Pepper Blend bar especially!

  2. says

    I’m not a jerky fan but my kids and hubby LOVE it! I cannot even describe the large amounts we go through! I’m always looking for new products! Awesome giveaway!

  3. Caroly says

    Thanks for offering the giveaway! My son loves spicy beef jerky and I’ll have to see if my co-op carries them.

  4. Heather Drake says

    I’ve never seen this brand, but I’m going to be on the look out for it! Thanks for making the contest entry simple!

  5. Mike F says

    Those look so good! I have been thinking about making my own pemmican too.

    I’d love to try them out.

  6. Christine says

    I loved the original bars that I tried. Better yet I had no delayed food reactions. Highly recommend. I would love to try the other flavors. They only had the original where I purchased them.

  7. Libbi says

    i’m going to keep my eyes peeled for these now. though, i’m always pretty bummed when i see that all items with dried cranberries are sweetened. or they use an oil that isn’t cool. i love cranberries! (and jerky) :)

  8. Sarah says

    I have been wanting to try these for awhile now. I hope you pick me. Also, it’s my birthday if that helps 😉

  9. Debbie says

    These sound interesting. I’m always looking for ways to get more protein when I’m at work or on the go.

  10. Alison says

    Wow! Sounds great! I gotta try it! I love Steve’s Paleo Stix! Would love to try something new!

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