Taking a 3-day Facebook/Blogging Hiatus

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I’m a social person. As a matter of fact, I thrive on social time. I get energized by spending time with friends. Superman, on the other hand, gets energized from time away from people. Right now, we’re reading this book all about the Sabbath and rest:

And I realized, I need a break. The world will not fall apart if I am gone from Facebook for a few days or if I don’t check in on my blog. I’m taking a few days off from Facebook and my blog to give my brain a rest. Anyone want to join me?

In other news, if you didn’t see my Facebook post, and your child(ren) completed Caleb’s 10-day CrossFit challenge for kids, please e-mail me at: cleaneatsinthezoo@gmail.com with their names, ages and mailing address so I can send them their certificates!

Now, I’m off to enjoy some time off! I’ll update my blog after my girls’ weekend in Napa!

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