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Finding good restaurants is hard. Finding restaurants that serve quality food is even harder. 

We’ve been fans of this place for years. If you’re not vegan, don’t let the name scare you away! Baagan is full of healthy, Paleo-friendly and gluten-free options! It’s located in Roseville, CA, and is easily accessible for anyone in the area!

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Angelique is the co-owner and marketing director of Baagan (her co-owner is Rajbir Randhawa) and has done an amazing job of making this little cafe welcoming, fresh, and delicious! They use quality ingredients and we always feel like we’re just going to a friend’s house when we eat there. 

Bagaan Vegan Cafe

I ordered an Indian Curry Panini on gluten-free bread. The kids had PB&J sandwiches. The flavor. Oh, the flavor. 

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If you live locally, you must try Baagan. And I highly suggest the Indian Curry Panini. It is, however, a seasonal item, and they recently replaced it with a Butternut Squash Panini. I recommend trying whatever seasonal items they have when you go in!

Even though we didn’t order dessert on this visit, there are some amazing, healthy dessert options. Check out their menu to see mouth-watering blended drinks, smoothies, and soft serve flavors. Seriously, they are SO good.

Sure, you could go to a fast food restaurant and get your food faster and probably a bit cheaper (although I would argue that the prices here are competitive and will fill you up longer than a fast food meal). But supporting small restaurants like Baagan makes a statement. Continually put your dollars into small restaurants like this, and more and more places like this will pop up.

I want to do everything I can to ensure my kids have options like Baagan to eat at when they’re teenagers. When they have their freedom, I want them to pick a place like Baagan to go grab a quick lunch instead of a place like Taco Bell. 

Interested in trying Baagan? Check out their website HERE, follow them on Facebook, or call them: 916-771-2117.

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