I’m No Longer a Sous Vide Virgin

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Do you know what “sous vide” means? I sure didn’t until a few weeks ago when I was invited to participate in a fun Paleo recipe showdown sponsored by TX Bar Organics and the Sous Vide Supreme. That just goes to show how uncultured I am. I mean, I normally feel out of place in fancy restaurants, and just the fact that “sous vide” is a French term pretty much guarantees my ignorance. So, if you’re like me, and you have no idea what it means, the literal definition in French is “under vacuum,” and in cooking is a process where foods are vacuum-sealed and cooked slowly in a water bath. The only water bath going on in our house is one like this:

Photo Credit: Google Images

I don’t think my kids (or Superman) would appreciate cooking food in there, though. Unless they want to have a fun time reminiscing of Seinfeld days. Remember this episode? Good times.

Photo Credit: Google Images

At any rate, back to the purpose of this post.

So, I get picked, along with 10 other amazing bloggers, to compete in this contest. Check out their pages;  you won’t be disappointed!

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Here’s the Challenge: 

Use the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven, graciously provided by the sponsors, and some amazing grass-fed meat from TX Bar Organics to come up with an original, inspired, delicious, creative recipe. Possible for a Sous Vide virgin? Maybe.

I’ve been whirling up ideas in my brain and practicing with the Sous Vide Supreme just to get used to using it. Here’s what I made last night:

I’ve never had such moist, succulent pork! Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Recipe was simple: just sprinkle with some spices, vacuum seal, and let slowly cook for 4 hours. Then I took it out and quickly seared to give the outside a nice “crisp” touch. Now I’m no longer a sous vide virgin. And on to coming up with something new, something different and something over-the-top for this showdown!

We have until January 27th to submit our recipes. Keep your fingers crossed! I’m intimidated to be competing against such amazing food bloggers!


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      Hi, Linda! I don’t think I get to keep it unless I win, which I’m not anticipating. lol I do get to keep the vacuum sealer, though! I’m happy with that. =)


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