How to easily store bulk jalapeños or herbs

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store jalapenos

Ever want to load up on bulk herbs or peppers? Here’s the best way to store bulk jalapeños or herbs! Line an egg carton with plastic wrap, mince the jalapeños, and fill each slot. Pop out the frozen jalapeños for easy addition to dishes!
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  1. Lori Royalty says

    I do this with a lot of things, except I use silicone mini muffin pans. I make pesto in bulk and then store it in freezer bags. I also run spinach through the juicer and then make cubes – they are easy to throw into a breakfast smoothie for extra vitamins without the leaf pieces. Salad dressings can be frozen in ice cube trays and then thrown on top of salads in a lunch box. By the time lunch comes, the dressing has thawed – one less container to carry in your lunch.

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