How to cut a watermelon in under a minute!

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how to cut a watermelon

A few weeks ago, I came across a video online showing how to cut a watermelon in under 30 seconds. Well, I’m not down to 30 seconds yet, but the method is extremely effective! For the rest of us normal folk, watch how to cut up this watermelon in under a minute! Now you don’t have to look with dread at that big green thing in your fridge…
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  1. Tina says

    I have used this technique several times since watching your video and LOVE it! I’m still not as fast as you but I’m careful not to leave too much “red” on the rinds so go a little slower on that part! It’s my fruggleness coming out :-)

  2. Pres says

    Hey Shanti! I don’t know how I ran into this but you were great!! You did a great job convincing me that it might be faster than my way! You are a natural on camera! Blessings!

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