How Can I Pray for you Today?

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Prayer warrior logoToday’s a special edition of Prayer Warrior Monday as we honor those who have fallen for our country. We have so much to be thankful for here in the good ol’ U.S of A. So many freedoms we take for granted. From the whole Landon family, thank you to all our service men and women, and to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. What an appropriate day to pray!

So, what do YOU need prayer for today? 

If you have a prayer update, please share that here as well!

For more info on Prayer Warrior Monday, check out THIS link.
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  1. Emily says

    Please pray that my physical therapy treatment to heal my intestines from Crohn’s disease and malabsorption goes well next week. It will be 10 hours of therapy and can be extremely painful as the therapist beaks down built up scar tissue in my gut and to help restore its functioning. I am praying for strength and courage and that I will be safe and receive the healing I need to help my body fully recover and become vital again. I am giving up my pain to God and putting my healing in His hands. Thank you for praying for me.

  2. Kate says

    Thank you for this! We could really use prayer for the Lord’s leading for a job for my hubby. He was laid off about 8 1/2 weeks ago and has been applying anywhere he can, but we haven’t had anything happen. We are willing to move and do whatever the Lord guides us to do.
    We really appreciate the prayers.

  3. Nicki says

    Continued prayers are requested for my friend who is battling leukemia and for her family . She had the bone marrow transplant 5 days ago. From the words of her husband “Pray for success and for safety. Destroy that cancer and let that new marrow take hold and flourish!” and We’re on day 5 today. The past few days have been relatively uneventful aside Steph’s battle to keep anything down.

    She’s still blessed with sleep spaced out throughout the day.

    If you could, please pray for her stomach to at least be able to keep down water. Her nutritional needs are met by the IV bags they hang, but her mouth and stomach still tell her she’s hungry/thirsty so even a little water or 7-Up goes a long way when it stays down.
    They’ve also had a hard time keeping her potassium levels under control so please pray for that issue to be resolved.

    We just continue to take it one day at a time. I think the hardest part is still missing the kids. We miss being parents. We were very blessed to be able to see the Night of Excellence front row!

    Thank you everyone who continues to fight for us!

    Have a blessed day,

    Tyler Jones


  4. says

    Praying that we raise the $2500 we lack to meet our matching grant challenge which is ending May 31st. for our adoption. I’m getting worried that we’re going to lose the grant b/c we lack so much and gifts have to be postmarked by 5/31. Pray that God will be glorified however our remaining adoption expenses are met.

  5. Cyndie H Luke says

    Due to many life transitions, my 30 year career as a Barber/stylist/colorist may need to come to an end. I moved my business home thinking I could survive better but I had major shoulder reconstruction last September and lost several regular clients, again. I also have committed to taking my 2 young nephews to school and pick up these last few years, with the youngest entering pre-k next year. I need the strength to tell my sister that I need to be paid. I need to find a job. Even maybe, go back into a salon or change careers completely. It’s so complicated. I wish things could stay as they are but I need to help with the income around my home. I am so torn right now with so many others things along with this issue. I know it’s a lot but prayers are so much needed and welcomed!!

  6. Veronica says

    I don’t need prayer but my dear friend does. Her boyfriend of over a year (who was talking to her about buying engagement rings) broke up with her this weekend. He is interested in several other women. She is crushed since she was planning to marry him and has recently also lost all of her checking and savings when someone hacked her bank account. Please pray that God would comfort her in this time and give her the hope that she so desperately needs.

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