Homemade Snow Globes

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Homemade Snow Globes

These homemade snow globes are incredibly simple and SO fun to make! There are endless possibilities of what you could put inside them. They’re an excellent gift idea and will impress everyone!

Homemade Snow Globes

What you need:

snow globe ingredients

Large baby food jars with lids (Note: I tried this with small mason jars first, and they leaked. I probably didn’t seal them with enough hot glue, but I decided baby food jars would be simpler)

Baby oil (I used two full bottles for 5 snow globes)


An object to put inside (I found these little gingerbread men in the $1 section at Target!)

Hot glue gun + glue

What to do:

Remove the labels from the jars (I just put them in hot water for about 10 minutes and the labels came right off)

Glue your object to the inside of the jar’s lid and let dry while you do the remaining steps. 

Fill each jar with baby oil (you can use water here, but the glitter won’t “float” as well), then add glitter.

Screw on lid and shake! Note: To be extra safe, you can put hot glue on the rim of the lid before you screw it on. 


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