Homemade Furniture Polish–another simple how-to!

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furniture polish

I have a big jug of cheap vegetable oil that I bought back before we changed our diets. I no longer use vegetable oils to cook with, so I needed something useful for it. I remembered a long time ago hearing about using oil and lemon juice to make homemade furniture polish, so I Googled it. I came across THIS post, and decided to give it a try. This was cheap, simple, and irritant free!

Homemade Furniture Polish

Here’s what you need: 

1 cup oil (any kind that you have on hand)

1/2 cup lemon juice (I buy the big bottle of it at Costco)

A container to hold your furniture polish in (I used an old salad dressing bottle–perfect for squirting out!)

Here’s what to do: 

Pour the oil into your container. Add lemon juice. Shake well. Squirt onto a dry cloth and rub onto furniture. Turn cloth to dry side to rub in completely. That’s it! Your wood will look like new!

Before and after shot of the table:

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