Fresh, genetically-modified corn coming to a Walmart near you–this summer!

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It’s amazing to me that here we are, in 2012, and a superpower such as Walmart is actually planning on putting genetically modified (GMO) foods in its produce section. Really? How many more people need to cry out for change before something happens?

Sure, we may not have conclusive human studies on what the long-term effects are of GMO foods, but I think we can learn a lot from mice. Check out THIS article for information on the effects of GMO products in mice and other animals. Here are just a few of the results cited:

“Chickens fed the herbicide tolerant “Liberty Link” corn died at twice the rate of those fed natural corn.”

“Over a series of three experiments, 51.6 percent of the offspring from the GM-fed group died within the first three weeks, compared to 10 percent from the non-GM soy group, and 8.1 percent for non-soy controls.”

“Rats fed Monsanto’s GM corn, for example, had a significant increase in blood cells related to the immune system.” {Indicating increased allergic response}

“In 2003, during the time when an adjacent Bt cornfield was pollinating, virtually an entire Filipino village of about 100 people was stricken by mysterious skin, respiratory, and intestinal reactions. The symptoms appeared progressively from those living closest to the field to those further away. Blood samples from 39 individuals showed antibodies in response to Bt-toxin—supporting, but not proving, a link. When the same corn was planted in four other villages the following year, however, the symptoms returned in all four areas—only during the time of pollination.”

So, how does this tie into Walmart? Well, Walmart apparently thinks it’s not only okay for us to consume GMO products, they want to make money off them. Check out THIS article for more information.

And, if you care enough to make your voice heard, sign THIS petition telling Walmart not to sell out by selling us GMO corn.
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  1. Kimberlie says

    Those facts are staggering One more reason to support our choice not to eat grains or soy. It appears that this is fresh produce corn as the discussion topic. Is it safe to assume that almost every non-organic packaged/processed item on the shelf that includes corn or soy is already a GM version?

  2. says

    Kimberlie, yes! You can pretty much guarantee if it’s non-organic, processed, it’s GMO. Even the organic stuff is unfortunately tainted as well. There’s just no way of controlling that stuff!

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