Days 29 and 30 Workout Challenge WODs

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Well, we’re almost done with our 30-day at home Workout Challenge! Two more days left. Here’s what we have for tomorrow and the next day:

Wednesday, February 29 (Day 29): It’s leap year! Let’s celebrate by “leaping” forward (jump as far as you can with both feet) 20 times followed by 100 jumping jacks.

Thursday, March 1 (Day 30): Today’s workout will sum up what we’ve done and will take a bit longer than other days, so set aside a little bit more time than normal! For today:
*20 lunges, 15 push-ups (5 rounds)–decrease push-up reps if needed
*10 sit-ups, 10 air squats (5 rounds) — or up the reps to 15 each
*100 jumping jacks
*jump rope for 1 minute
*25 sit-ups

Give yourself a big pat on your back! You’ve done it! Congratulations!!
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  1. Andrea says

    Your WOD posts have kept me motivated and held me accountable. I’ve lost close to 10lbs. but most importantly I’ve gained a good bit of muscle. I hope you continue with another month of workouts. It’s been great!

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