Confession Friday

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Confession Friday

As part of my new and improved blog, I’m featuring “Confession Friday,” a recap of all the things I’ve done during the week that will most likely make you feel better about yourself. So, here we go!

I confess…

  • While at the doctor’s office today (for a bump with unknown origin on my son’s finger), I was one of “those” moms. I had one kid on the iPad, one on the iPhone, and another on my old phone all playing video games. I’d like to say we sat like a good homeschooling family, holding hands and reciting scripture verses, but I can’t. I can just see my grandmother shaking her head at the way “children nowadays” don’t just know how to sit!
  • Yesterday I drank two salted caramel milkshakes. Within about an hour of each other. At least they were homemade. Meaning I blended together salted caramel gelato and almond milk.
  • I haven’t mopped my floor in about two months.
  • Our room is so cluttered with stuff, I don’t even know where to start. I clean one side of the room and then realize instead of actually cleaning it, I’ve just moved it all to the other side of the room. Usually this means moving it from Superman’s side to my side. That way it at least looks like I’ve cleaned from his perspective.
  • One of my boys did the laundry and while unloading from the washer to the dryer, I asked him, “Did you put soap in the wash?” When he replied no, I pretended like I didn’t hear and put the clothes in the dryer anyway. Hey, I had 2 more loads to get done!
  • My alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. every morning, and I have every intention of getting up then. But for some reason, I close my eyes for a second to check my eyelids for leaks and the next time I look at the clock, it’s 6:15! Weird.
  • I had a friend call yesterday letting me know she was going to stop by in a few minutes. I quickly bribed my oldest son with the pleasure of getting out of “quiet time” early if he would bust his butt cleaning the house. He did. And then when my friend arrived, my daughter proceeded to say, “my mom’s inside cleaning.” I was horrified that I was caught red-handed. Don’t we all just want people to think our houses are always clean? Guilty.
  • I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day, and although I know it’s a totally contrived conspiracy to get us to spend money, I always say I don’t want anything, but I secretly hope to be surprised. P.S. I’m not a fan of flowers–seems like such a wasted bunch of money that could be spent on something better…like, say, dinner out with my hubby or some groceries.
  • I’m writing this post as my kids are in quiet time and I should be ahem…cleaning, or figuring out what I’m going to make for dinner. Maybe I better wrap this up…oh, wait. What’s that? Pinterest is calling?
  • And lastly, I had a chiropractor appointment on Wednesday for my jaw, and was on my way home around dinner time. The thought of getting home and having to feed 6 mouths was daunting. There is only one place I pass on my way home: McDonald’s. I guiltily rolled into the drive-thru, got ripped off by the person who gave me my change, and ordered my kids double cheeseburgers with no cheese and french fries. The whole way home my mouth watered for a freakin’ bite of a french fry. And I thought, “there’s no way I’m telling anyone I’m actually getting my kids McDonald’s.” And now, here I am. I would have eaten that french fry if I could’ve. Good thing my mouth is wired shut.

So, those are my confessions. Have anything you want to share??
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  1. Suzanne says

    Salted caramel milkshakes sound amazing!!!!! Do you make the gelato or buy it?? Here is my confession…most days I don’t get a shower/brush my teeth until somewhere between 2 and 5 in the evening. Oh the joy of being a stay at home mom with a 10 month old!!!

    • radlandon says

      Hi, Suzanne! I bought the gelato at Whole Foods–I WISH I made it! Congrats on brushing your teeth before bed!!

  2. Karla says

    You know I’m waay past stay at home mom age, but Shanti this is one of your best blogs. I laughed almost all the way through it. Good grief, you’re human and don’t we love that. My fav? The laundry. You rock kiddo

  3. Cherie says

    Thank you! Totally made me laugh. And I know what you mean about V-Day. I don’t want to seem presumptuous (sp?), but I’m always hoping for something.

  4. Heather Simpson says

    Mmmmm…salted caramel milkshakes! I wanna come over! Thank you for sharing. I’m loving this post, and am looking forward to more like it! As for me…I haven’t showered yet and it’s almost 3:30 pm. I don’t know what I’m making for dinner, and I have 3 children who haven’t bathed in a week.

  5. sara says

    Your room sounds like my room! I always seem to be moving things from one place to another, never actually cleaning it. lol My confession: I ate a Snickers bar and a diet soda for lunch. Yikes.

  6. says

    Soooo glad you posted this today of all days! I was just trying to convince myself that as homeschoolers, a clean house is not possible–we are always here messing it up! You helped prove me right so now i can give myself a break already πŸ˜€

  7. Sarah Stanley says

    A-MEN!! Loved the checking your eyelids for leaks. I really love your openness and willingness to share. Not a lot of people are willing to tell people what it’s “really” like at home, and I love that you are!

  8. sarah sprouse says

    We have 2 boxes of girl scout cookies in the cupboard calling my name and as for the clean house……it’s not. I wish I were one of those people whose houses were always picked up, but I am so NOT! If I am hosting something it takes hours to get ready and then I usually jam piles of stuff into our office or laundry room. And I ate a chocolate covered marshmellow heart yesterday…..

    thanks for being real!!!

  9. Marci says

    My house is immaculately clean, my kids were finished with their lessons before lunch today, I cleaned up after lunch and now am taking the family to the park. My confession – this is no where near normal! Our house is for sale and we have to head out the door during showings. I now realize my house could have been clean if I made it a priority and put in the effort. Hmm, what should I do once we “get back to normal?”

  10. Jane says

    I finally had both kids down for a nap this afternoon, there were four loads of laundry to fold on my bed that broke last night. I couldn’t face it so I took a long soak in the tub. When I got out the dog was curled in the middle of all the laundry, at least no one was crying…

  11. Debbi says

    I love REAL people! It doesn’t make me feel”better” about myself, (as in me thinking I’m better than someone else) but did make me feel more accepting of myself. My confession: I’m horrible about remembering to have my kids change their sheets. I can’t remember when I last washed their linens…. eeewwww. On a positive note I’ll remember this weekend!

    • Kellie says

      Loved this post, and reading everyone else’s confessions. None of us are perfect, and as mother’s and wives we just do the best we can on a day to day basis. My confessions: My kids had McDonald’s Fillet O Fish burgers for dinner the other night, I ate a GF store bought muffin yesterday morning, then my lunch was 2 homemade grain free apple muffins, then dinner was GF toast with PB &J. Needless to say, I felt pretty sick when I went to bed! I also do not mop my floor regularly πŸ˜‰

  12. Elizabeth says

    Wow. It is good to know that you are so…….human! I feel like a basket-case all week and I only have two to homeschool! So….. I guess it comes down to one of many confessions I could share. You show me yours, I show you mine, right? Today while attending a Bible study called Conversation Peace, I was making fun of the video that accompanies the study. Yikes. Can’t believe I just shared that.

  13. Carrie says

    I was going to comment on your last post and say …make it more personal!! I love it!! I love when as women/moms we can start being honest with each other and see that NO ONE has it all together! And if they seem to, its probably fleeting!!
    When we start cleaning/putting everything away our kids ask “who’s coming over?” Thanks for the honesty and the laughs! Looking forward to more posts like this!!

  14. says

    I could have written THIS: I haven’t mopped my floor in about two months.

    however, i will confess that my laundry hasn’t been folded/put away since Christmas… yes CHRISTMAS! #dontjudge :)

  15. Tina Carey says

    Shanti, it took me two weeks to clean my house “properly” for that bday party.
    I read this outloud to jay and we both just laughed and laughed. The laundry was the highlight. Yes, I can confess with the other mom who mentioned about her kid’s sheets. I usually don’t get around to that until their sick and I am forced to clean them . I am really bad about mopping my bathroom floors, let alone the kitchen. The worst is when the neighbor kids come knocking at the door on Saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon and I have to run to my bedroom cuz I’m still in my pjs and have curlers in my hair πŸ˜‰ Lastly, just when I didn’t think I could stand the dog shedding everywhere another minute, I found dog hair in my refrigerator. How on earth did it get THERE?!? Thank you for building such an encouraging community of moms, Shanti!!

  16. emma says

    haha that McDonald part was funny:)) I have to say I’ve done that before as well. there is not one thing that’s different in my life.we are human.super busy moms trying to keep the home clean etc….I’m guilty of all hehe


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