Confession Friday 3/22/13

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It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiday! That means it’s time for another installment of “Confession Friday!”


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  • I’ve always said I’m not a big “chick flick” fan. I love action movies and comedies and things that keep me on the edge of my seat. But every once in awhile, I begrudgingly sieze the opportunity to go out for a girls’ night to see a chick flick. And for some reason, I always love them. Last night, I went with a friend to see the movie “Safe Haven.” I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I think maybe I’m a closet chick flick fan. 
  • Speaking of things girls do, I’ve never been a fan of shopping, either. Maybe I’d like it more if I was spending someone else’s money. Maybe. But I hate trying on clothes and getting my hair all static-y. If I do go shopping, I have to make sure I’m in proper shopping attire: flip flops (so I don’t have to keep untying my shoes), an easy pull-over shirt (so I don’t have to keep unbuttoning a million buttons), and no button/zip pants (for easy slip-on/off). It’s a science, I tell you. Do you like shopping?
  • My sister is turning 40 in a few months. I always felt like 40 was so old, but now that my sister is turning 40, I keep thinking, “Man! 40 is nothing like I thought it was!” She just seems way too young to be approaching middle-age. People say we look alike, but we really don’t see it. What do you think?
  • sonia and me
  • There are times I think about how much money we’d be saving if we were a 2-kid family. Of course, I would never put a price on our kids, and I wouldn’t change our situation for the world, but whoever said kids don’t cost very much must have never had kids. I think I may have shed a few tears the day I realized our two oldest boys (both 9) aren’t full after a “kid meal” at a restaurant anymore. They have to order grown-up entrees now. By the time they’re all teenagers, they’re going to need to get jobs just to support their eating habits.
  • My youngest daughter (she’s 4) ate a whole tube of cherry lip balm the other day. I was not happy with her until I remembered doing the same thing when I was younger. I was even older than her, though…
  • I’m counting down the days until this school year is over. I have major spring fever and am finding myself yanking my body to the kitchen table each morning to teach the kids. I need a pep talk!

So, do you have anything to share this week?
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  1. Heather Simpson says

    Ha! I ate cherry lip balm when I was little, too! And I sympathize about the food thing…it’s scary to think how much they’re going to eat as they get older!

  2. Cherie says

    It must be common to eat the chapstick, because I did that, too! lol Oh, and those cherry flavored cough drops, too. You and your sister TOTALLY look alike!! You’re both beautiful!

  3. Amber L. says

    You both are so pretty! I can see the resemblance, too. My confession? I lied to my kids and told them there was no cake left when there was actually a slice left. I wanted it! I like these Friday confessions…it’s nice to see what other women are going through!

  4. Sarah Stanley says

    You made me giggle. I can’t relate on the shopping thing–I love it! That’s probably my confession–I eat too much!

  5. Jen says

    I don’t recall having eaten an entire tube of lip balm, but I did eat an entire bottle of Flintstones vitamins growing up. The dangers of making pharmaceuticals taste like candy, am I right?

    I hear you on the shopping thing. When I went Paleo, I lost 45 pounds and had to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. It was the worst thing about losing weight, LOL. I usually buy stuff without trying it on and then put it on at home. If it doesn’t fit, I just take it back. There’s something about public dressing rooms that gross me out. I mean, who knows if someone with foot fungus was standing there in their bare feet right where I’m standing? Not to mention those fluorescent lights have to be the most unflattering things ever, and the attendants always give you the once-over as if you stole something. So, no, you’re not alone on your hatred of clothes shopping! :)

  6. says

    I don’t like shopping either, but I can’t say it out loud too often because people look at me like I am crazy!!

    You and your sisters look like sisters, but not identical. :)

    I went to a meeting tonight with 4 other homeschooling moms and at the end I had to control myself not too sound too eager and needy and BEG for another meeting soon!!

    Never ate lipstick or lip balm… I prefer chocolate.

    • radlandon says

      Hi, Hilly! We initially started homeschooling because our oldest was bored in his 1st grade class and needed more of a challenge. Our 2nd son was the opposite and was getting in trouble every day in kindergarten because he wouldn’t sit still. My husband is a public school teacher, and we understand how difficult it is for teachers to devote one-on-one attention to kids. It was kind of an experiment at first. But it’s developed into something we love, and even though it’s difficult a lot of days, I will never regret spending this time with our kids. We get to have so much fun together, and experience life together every day!

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