Why Christians Need to Grow a Pair (Warning: contains disturbing images)

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Please note: Due to the harsh and hateful words that people have been putting in the comments, I have disabled comments on this post. I don’t want the nature of this post to be lost: the purpose was to inspire and motivate others, not to cause a verbal bashing. Thank you for understanding!

It was this picture that lit the fire under me. 

Source: Allen West

Source: Allen West

I had seen repeated posts in my Facebook newsfeed, talking about a tragedy going on overseas, in a land too far away to hit home. Until I saw this photo. 

After seeing this picture that speaks a thousand words, with this little child with real tiny fingers and a real tiny nose and real fear and questioning in her eyes, I knew I needed to say something. But the first thing I wanted to scream is: Why aren’t more people standing up against these atrocities? 

I have seen a number of my friends sharing stories about this “Christian holocaust” on my Facebook page, but I also quickly noticed that these posts did not gain traction. Maybe they would get a few likes. Maybe even a few comments. But very few people cared enough to share. 

We share cute photos of dogs and funny memes, we even stand up and say everyone should be created equal. But for this? No one wants to cause a ruckus. People’s feelings might get hurt. Someone might get offended. Well, friends, I’m going to offend some people here today. Excuse my crass way of saying this, but it’s time to grow a pair. I purposefully chose the title to this post so that more people would click on it. Not because I want to get attention. Because THEY need our attention. Can you imagine if in our country, children were being beheaded, merely for being in a family who believes in the “wrong” God? Can you imagine??? Can you imagine if someone came to your door, gun pointed in your face, and told you to convert to Islam or die? Would you not hope and pray that your neighbors, your friends, even perfect strangers would come to your aid, or at least stand up to say THIS. IS. WRONG?! 


Source: Patheos.com

The people who are doing this are called “ISIS” (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). They are a jihadist group that claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world. They are extremists. They are demanding anyone who does not convert to Islam to be killed–hanged, beheaded, raped and murdered. Christians and members of the Yazidi community are being targeted right now in Iraq. Thousands of them have fled to the mountains, with no food or water, with ISIS quickly approaching to slaughter them. But where is the Islamic outcry? Where are those of the Muslim faith bombarding my Facebook feed with fists in the air condemning this behavior? I know not all Muslims are jihadists. I know not all of them believe what ISIS is doing is acceptable. But why aren’t they saying so? 

And Christians: is our faith so shallow, and do we have so much fear that we cannot use the tool of social media to bring into light the horrors and monstrosities that are being done to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? I will. not. be. silent. 

I don’t care who is conducting these awful killings: Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Pagans…it doesn’t matter. A modern-day holocaust, genocide is happening right under our noses, and we are all turning our eyes because we don’t want to see it. We quickly scroll past these “political” posts and mutter under our breath about how Facebook is not the place for displaying such carnage. 

Source: SpiritualMinutemen.org

Source: SpiritualMinutemen.org

These children don’t have voices. But I do. You may unfollow me, yell at me, point your finger at me and say hateful words to me. But I will speak out against terrorists who brutally assassinate innocent humans. 

If you question just how bad this really is, watch this woman. Hear her message: “Please brothers, let’s put aside all political differences, and stand {together} as fellow human beings.” 

President Obama finally came out and said, “These innocent families are faced with a horrible choice…Descend the mountain and be slaughtered, or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger.” (Source) He approved airstrikes and airdropped aid yesterday, which is at least a start. 

I know it’s overwhelming. I’m just as guilty as the next guy of ignoring stories in the past when I should have helped. Honestly, most of time I would think, “What can do?” Friends, there’s a lot you can do. 

*Pray – More than anything, our friends on the other side of the world are living in hell right now. The very least we can do for them is pray. And not just a flippant, “help those Iraqis” prayer. A heartfelt, pleading prayer begging God to intervene. Tell your children. Involve them. We have spoken to all of our children about what is going on over on the other side of the world. They are the future. If we don’t teach them now, when will we teach them? 

*Give Voice of the Martyrs is currently assisting 2,000 Christians who have fled persecution. Christian Aid is distributing aid to people who are literally “eating leaves to survive.” 

*Use your social media – Don’t be scared to use your platform. Whether you have 5 friends or 5,000, you are in a position to inspire others to movement. I was motivated because of a photo. Who knows what your own sharing might do? Today, I changed my profile picture to this image: 



It will at least draw attention to what is going on. 

It is our responsibility as humans to help those in need. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you are political or not, it is a basic human kindness to stand up for good, and fight evil. This, friends, is evil. 

Go out and make a difference, no matter how small or how big. 

Looking for an update on ISIS? Check out my update HERE.

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  1. Cary says

    That photo of the baby is so very hard to even see… What happened after? Did his poor mother watch in horror? This is just awful. My prayers are for the people who need them so….

  2. There's more to it than that... says

    Maybe your Muslim friends are concerned about how the majority of Muslim countries/potentially their countries of origin have been under attack for ages. Iraq has been in war. Iran has had such heavy sanctions imposed that people can no longer afford necessities like meat and medicine. Syria has been under heavy turmoil as has been Egypt. Lebanon is still recovering from past wars. And then there’s the Palestinians who suffer day and night, our worst nightmares couldn’t even match their reality. The list goes on and on. It’s a horror that Christians are being targeted, and it makes me sick to my stomach. But look at all of this racial/religious/political discrimination worldwide, are you reacting to it all? If so, why not? As human beings, we cannot take on the suffering of everyone, despite wanting to do something about it. And I won’t hide my bitterness, but this has to be the first time in ages Christians have been targeted (and if I’m wrong, excuse me), and it seems that despite all the pre existing religious turmoil in Islamic countries, only the attack of Christians, which is do seldom heard of, will trigger a response from you. So where have the Christians been the past century? Quite honestly, it’s not even that that bothers me. It’s the way you said it, as if Muslims don’t a nightmare of an emotional load to deal with. As if they’re not somewhere else already, hoping their families are safe in their motherland.

    The religion doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. God isn’t even relevant at this point when all of these atrocities are a result of political corruption and greed that inevitably sets up societies for crime and poverty. Unity as a religion helps, sure. God as beacon of light helps, yeah. But in the end, (and if you want to get technical and put labels on it) white, Christian politicians with too much power have left these countries in such horrific poverty that it seems that the extremists, the religious mafia, is the only source of leadership left. Oh, how perfect, extremists to take over a country that’s vulnerable because of the damage inflicted by white Christians. The circle goes round. The likelihood of the targeting of Christians occurring right now would probably be very unlikely, if there wasn’t a war in Iraq. But there is.

    To be fair, I completely understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I feel you’re being incredibly one sided. You’re leaving out so much background and history, and to be honest, it almost feels deliberate, but I’m positive that’s not the case.

    • Doris Williams says

      Amen, you put into words so eloquently, what I was thinking. I would like to add: Can you tell the christians to stop threatening kids from Central American at our own borders.

      • Michael Rodgers says

        Christians condemn evil committed within their ranks. Islamics ENCOURAGE IT.

        Doris, the “kids from Central America” are being sent here to gain citizenship, not because of any political threats. Plus, they are not being SHOT, and it is not only Christians who are asking that laws be obeyed or changed.

        Don’t even try to make a rational comparison between these two situations. It doesn’t exist, and your strawman argument is false.

        • There's more to it than that... says

          Michael, why would you say that Islamics encourage evil within their ranks? That is an incredibly ignorant statement. By saying that, you are essentially trying to make a point that Christians>Muslims, which is irrelevant and inappropriate. Muslims are people too, they do good too, they suffer too. They are human beings as well.

          Unfortunately, acts of evil are committed within every religion and religion is often, inappropriately, used as a means of justification. This is not a reflection of the religion. The people who perform these atrocities are sick in so many ways- brainwashed, sleep-deprived, starved, and DESPERATE for any kind of change. If this was a reflection of religion, then anyone could go on and say that all Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc… are all the spawns of satan (I’m being dramatic). I mean, if you want to get technical, it is the Christian politicians who order these futile wars and create these vulnerable societies. Societies that are left at the mercy of extremist, gang-like, organizations. If you want to continue the technicalities, the root of the problem must then lie in the teachings of Christianity because the circumstances have been created by Christians. See how that logic doesn’t work? Where there’s poverty, there’s crime and oppression by gang-like organizations, anywhere you go. Even in the US. It’s so sickeningly sad.

          It seems that all religion is doing for humans, politically and societally, is creating an imaginary line to help separate us and point fingers at those who aren’t within our arbitrary and comfortable boundaries. All sorts of people in miserable situations are suffering and we should raise awareness for them all and NOT point fingers and say Christian this, or Muslim that.

          But before we accuse each other of why some people haven’t stood up and said something, we should consider a century’s worth of nauseating circumstances that are only now starting to affect those who have been silent for a century’s time.

          • What are you doing about it says

            I’m not sure what your argument to “white Christians” is. It seems you must have suffered some sort of hurt from someone for you to be responding like this. You are placing the blame on people who give their money faithfully to support mission work including: medicine for impoverished countries, doctors and nurses who performs needed surgeries and treatments, multiple medical mission trips to give people dental and eye care, food and water, time, energy, love, support, a place to stay when missionaries return from their trips for furlough, and yes, indeed witnessing to these people groups and giving them HOPE that when they die they will not live like that any longer, but will indeed have a joyful and blessed eternity with Christ. How is that intolerant, OR causing the problem?
            Please don’t let yourself be blinded by the incident that happened to you and therefore, insist Christian politicians are causing the problem. If you haven’t noticed, we don’t have a Christian or a white man as our Head of Chief right now, so you may want to check your argument.
            Race doesn’t matter- God made us equal- He chose our color because He values His people, His creation. We are loved, cherished, adored. Our color is just His expression of love and creativity. http://www.heavenisfree.com

      • Tim Mohn says

        There are no Christians threatening children from Central American at our own borders. Your antichristian propaganda stops HERE!

    • Cindy Dean says

      Christian persecution has been going on for a very long time (if you want to know the reality of this see Voice of the Martyrs website/publications). It has only appeared in the news recently because of the focus on radical Muslim groups. Much of the persecution has been within countries driving followers to underground churches. There are many who claim to be “Christian” (using it to serve their own purposes). However, the fruit of their lives should flow out of their obedience to the two greatest commandments of Jesus to love The Lord our God with all of our hearts and our neighbor as our selves. This is why you will find that Christian organizations serving the call of Christ are found all over the world loving others in Jesus name and for the great glory of our God. There is a spiritual warfare going on..evil knows its greatest enemy is the love of God through his people.

    • Mark says

      Every day is Muslims attacking Muslims, Muslims attacking Israelis, Muslims attacking Christians, Muslims attacking Yazidi. If there are “moderate” or peaceful Muslims, why aren’t they standing up to these terrorists?

    • Roy says

      Actually, religion DOES matter in this case. They are being killed because they are Christians.

    • jane says

      This not just about Christians. It is about the abuse and terror one group is bringing against all other religions. There has been a cry for humanity to notice so many massacres and genocides …. and honestly Christians have been persecuted for decades in countries like Russia, China, India, Iraq and Iran just to name a few …. but suddenly, someone has included them in the world wide persecutions of peoples and it’s not okay … what? because they are Christians? That to me is the height of discrimination. There is discrimination, persecution, massacres all over the world … and has been for ever … It’s time someone stood up regardless of religion, culture, race or creed of any kind and stop the evil. I give this person credit for standing for something. What are you standing for? Evil is evil!!! Just stand with your neighbour, who ever that is, against it.

    • says

      Thanks, Saad. I did see that the photo may have been from a different war after I posted this–but the outcome is still the same, regardless. This type of atrocity IS still going on right now. It may not be this exact child, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of children this is happening to. There are now reports that women and children are being buried alive in a mass grave. It doesn’t matter whether this photo is old or not at this point–what matters is that something is done to stop this from happening.

  3. Angela Ester Bulnes Nolasco says

    Can I see all rhis web in spanish and share with friend do not speak Inglish, the news about Christiam on Irak is terrible, we had ro help them
    thank you


    • Estefania says

      I translated this on google, it’s not that accurate, as soon as I finish the translation I’ll share the link :)

    • Estefania says

      Hi Angela, this is the translation I promised, I have copied the whole text in this reply and the link to my facebook post, feel free to share it if you want to.
      Why christians need to grow a pair? (traducción)
      ¿Por qué los cristianos necesitan ser más valientes?
      Había visto diferentes publicaciones en el boletín de noticias de mi Facebook, que hablaban de una tragedia que estaba ocurriendo al otro lado del mundo, demasiado lejos para impactar en casa. Hasta que vi esta foto (primera imagen del artículo original, armas apuntando la cabeza de una niña).
      Después de ver esta foto, que dice mucho más que mil palabras, con esta pequeña niña, con dedos realmente chiquitos y una naricita y un miedo y un cuestionamiento real en sus ojos, supe que necesitaba decir algo. Pero lo primero que quise gritar fue: ¿Por qué no se levantan más personas en contra de estas atrocidades?
      He visto que algunos de mis amigos comparten historias de este “holocausto Cristiano” en mi Facebook, pero también me di cuenta rápidamente que estas publicaciones no ganaron tracción. Tal vez podían tener unos cuantos “likes”, incluso unos pocos comentarios, pero a muy pocas personas les importaba lo suficiente para compartir.
      Compartimos fotos de perritos lindos o memes graciosos, incluso nos levantamos y decimos “todos deberíamos ser tratados igual”. Pero, ¿para esto? Nadie quiere causar un alboroto. Pueden herirse los sentimientos de otras personas, alguien puede ofenderse. Bueno, amigos, hoy voy a ofender a algunas personas aquí. Disculpen la manera burda en la que voy a decir esto, pero es tiempo de ser valientes. Escogí el título de esta publicación a propósito, para que más personas hicieran clic en él. Porque ELLOS necesitan nuestra atención.
      ¿Se imaginan si en nuestro país, los niños fuesen decapitados, simplemente por pertenecer a una familia que cree en un Dios “equivocado”? ¿Se lo pueden imaginar??? ¿Pueden imaginarse que alguien golpee su puerta, les apunten una pistola en la cabeza y les dijera que se conviertan al Islam o mueran? ¿No tendrían la esperanza u orarían para que sus vecinos, amigos, y hasta perfectos extraños vinieran en su auxilio, o por lo menos se pongan de pie para decir ESTO ESTÁ MAL?!
      Los que están haciendo esto se llaman Estado Islámico de Iraq y Siria, por sus siglas en inglés “ISIS” (Islamic Sate of Iraq and Syria). Son un grupo yihadista que afirma la autoridad religiosa sobre todos los musulmanes del todo el mundo. Son extremistas. Están exigiendo que todos aquellos que no se conviertan al Islam sean ahorcados, decapitados, violados y asesinados. Los cristianos y miembros de la comunidad Yazidi están en la mira en este momento en Iraq. Miles de ellos han escapado a las montanas, sin agua y sin comida, con la ISIS aproximándose rápidamente hacia ellos para aniquilarlos. Pero, ¿dónde está la indignación islámica? ¿Dónde están los feligreses musulmanes bombardeando mi Facebook con golpes al aire condenando este comportamiento? Yo se que no todos los musulmanes son yihadistas. Yo sé que no todos piensas que los que la ISIS está haciendo es aceptable. Pero, ¿por qué no lo dicen? Y a los cristianos: ¿Acaso es nuestra fe tan superficial y tenemos tanto miedo que no podemos usar las redes sociales como herramienta para sacar a la luz los horrores y monstruosidades que les están haciendo a nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Cristo? A MI NO ME VAN A CALLAR.
      No me importa quién esta guiando estos asesinatos tan horribles: cristianos, musulmanes, católicos, paganos… Eso no importa. Un holocausto moderno, está ocurriendo genocidio bajo nuestras narices y nosotros, todos nosotros, estamos desviando la mirada, porque no queremos verlo. Nosotros rápidamente ojeamos estas publicaciones “políticas” y murmuramos acerca de cómo Facebook no es el lugar para la visualización de semejante carnicería.
      Estos niños no tienen voz. Pero yo la tengo. Pueden dejar de seguirme, gritarme, señalarme e insultarme. Pero yo VOY a hablar en contra de los terroristas que asesinan brutalmente a personas inocentes.
      Si se cuestionan que tan mal es realmente esto, escuchen a esta mujer (video del artículo original). Escuchen su mensaje: “Por favor hermanos, pongamos a un lado nuestras diferencias políticas, y levantémonos juntos como seres humanos semejantes”. El presidente Obama finalmente se pronunció y dijo: “Estas familias inocentes se enfrentan a una terrible elección… Descender la montaña y ser aniquilados, o permanecer ahí y morir lentamente de hambre y sed”. (Source) (Link de la fuente). Ayer, aprobó ataques aéreos y ayuda lanzada desde el aire, lo que es, por lo menos, un comienzo.
      Sé que esto es abrumador. Soy tan culpable como los demás de haber ignorado las historias publicadas en el pasado cuando debí haber ayudado. Honestamente, la mayoría del tiempo pensaría, “¿Qué puedo hacer YO?” Amigos, hay mucho por hacer.
      *Orar – Más que nada, nuestros amigos al otro lado del mundo están viviendo un infierno en este momento. Lo mínimo que podemos hacer por ellos es orar. Y no solo una simple oración de “ayuda a esos iraquíes”. Una oración del corazón, pidiendo y suplicando a Dios que intervenga. Diles a tus hijos, involúcralos. Hemos hablado a todos nuestros niños y niñas de lo que está sucediendo al otro lado del mundo. Ellos son el futuro. Si no les enseñamos ahora, ¿cuándo lo haremos?
      *Dona – Hoy en día Voice of the Martyrs está asistiendo a 2000 cristianos que han huido de la persecución. Christian Aid está proveyendo ayuda a personas que literalmente están comiendo hojas para sobrevivir.
      *Utiliza tus redes sociales – No tengas miedo de usar tu plataforma. Ya sea que tengas 5 amigos o 5000 TU estas en la posición de inspirar a otros a moverse. Yo fui motivada por una foto. ¿Quién sabe lo que podría hacer lo que tú compartas? Hoy cambié mi foto de perfil por esta imagen (la imagen de la letra “Nun” que se encuentra al final del artículo original, con esta letra se marcan las casas y negocios de los cristianos para que los terroristas islámicos puedan identificarlos). Por lo menos llamará la atención a lo que está pasando.
      Es nuestra responsabilidad como seres humanos el ayudar a los necesitados. Creas o no en Dios, seas político o no, es un acto básico de bondad humana defender el bien y combatir el mal. Esto, amigos, es maldad.
      Sal y haz la diferencia, no importa si es grande o pequeña.

  4. ben says

    Well to truly grow a pair you would have to do more then post a status on facebook. Youd have to grab a gun and be praying on the flight over there. But too many people/christians are cowards and wimps to put their life on the line for someone other then themselves. So most likely these acts of genocide will continue. Remember all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

    • There's more to it than that... says

      “Remember all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

      So true.

  5. Danielle Skaggs says

    Thank you Shanti! I was one of those that posted about this and I was shocked to not get a single acknowledgment for the post. Are people rolling their eyes when they see these stories? I am flabbergasted! I agree with you in every point; pray, support, and speak up. Thank you for this.

  6. Kmt says

    Are the children in the bottom picture dead? The one being laid on stones?
    I feel so sick. Oh Jesus Come intervene now!!!!!!!!!!! Please Lord!!!!!!!!

  7. xie_xie says

    This post is so steeped in hypocrisy it disturbs me. Why is it that so many Christians only seem to value the lives of their “brothers and sisters?” The only reason people care about this issue is because it’s happening to Christians. If it was happening to other Muslims, to Buddhists, or Hindus this blog post wouldn’t exist.

    • Faith says

      Not true, Christians go to the aid of all who are oppressed. We’ve gone and tried to protect, feed, clothe, bring medical supplies, and off assistance to ALL cultures of the world, regardless of religious affiliation. The fact that these are Christians being killed is why they are NOT getting the help they deserve and why cold, heartless people make statements which hold no weight and have no basis in fact.

    • Steve says

      Um, you’re funny! When there are horrific crimes like this happening, who are 99% of the doctors and nurses? Who DOES go to help? Most of them are Christians! Christian charities, Christian missionaries, Christian humanitarian organisations, Christians helping ANY and ALL, regardless of their religion!

      So is it not ironic that when Christians are being slaughtered mercilessly, NOBODY cares and EVERYONE is so focused on Gaza that there is hardly even anything in the news about Syria or Iraq until a tremendous outcry comes amongst Christians for their brothers and sisters in those countries?

      And is it not also ironic that people like you claim that this outcry doesn’t accomplish anything, and say that if we really intend to make a difference, we ought to go. It DOES make a difference. Yes, many Christians do go, but not all of us can or should, and our voices do matter. I don’t see very many atheists going to war-ravaged countries and risking their lives to help people with a different languages, religions, and skin colours.

    • says

      Actually, Christians love all races, religions and creeds so much that we have missionaries that suffer through martyrdom.
      Jesus died for both of you, Ben and xie_xie, just as He did for the oppressed. We all have crosses to bear. Christians all have varying spiritual maturity levels. It takes courage to be a “Christian. Christians are not perfect nor should claim to be. We proclaim to have a relationship with God through our Savior Jesus Christ. This posting is an attempt to mature awareness of the world’s demonization of Christianity to result a rallying battle cry in the spiritual realm. If you really read the Bible, then you will find out that Christians have not been wimps from the beginning of history. Falling away has occurred since beginning of existence. We have been given free will though, a choice to make. You’re so right about some do nothing. We are to encourage one another in order to continue winning others spiritual lives to true eternal life with no despair. He never promised us an easy walk in the park here on earth after Adam and Eve’s 1st sin. Christians are not exclusive, we should be all inclusive just as Jesus is. We serve a patient Living God. Unfortunately the devil is at work on all of us because we live in a fallen world by which we have only one way to the Father which is His Son. I believe this posting was sent out to other Christians as an accountability reminder to not let our enemy, Satan, distract us from what breaks our Lord’s heart.
      So by that virtue it carries much further than just to one creed.
      Give Jesus a chance to mend your hurts. Call upon his name and He will answer you.
      Composed only out of love.

    • Marques says

      Not true…we Christians don’t want to see anyone killed, no matter what race or religion. Jesus told us to love one another. That’s not just our brothers and sisters in Christ, but also and including those outside of Christ. When Jesus walked this earth, he spoke to those that were his followers and those that believed in other gods. He wanted ALL to follow Him and leaving no ill-will if they didnt. As Christians we do the same. We want ALL to come to Christ. We don’t want to have any missed opportunities to talk about Jesus, especially when unnecessary violence is the cause.

    • Nina Eckhoff says

      As a Christian, a Sunday School teacher, a former mentor, and a former member of a committee that brought every house of worship in my town to sponsor FREE FOR A YEAR a persecuted family from the Middle East, I tell you, YOU CAN HELP. Go to your church and stand up and SPEAK. Don’t go to church? GO NOW – even for just this reason; that’s OK! Even if you don’t have a plan, YOU HAVE A VOICE. Use it. Speak every week if you must. And, finally, my Christianity is not my be-all-and-end-all, it is my belief in God and my actions that make me who I am. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. There is no other way. PRAY – it has immeasurable power. May God Bless Us All, especially the persecuted. Though most terrorists may be Muslims, most Muslims are not terrorists. I have worked with Muslims – they are just as lovely and human as you and me. But the terrorists and particularly ISIS? If they are allowed to continue – you and I will be on their radar. Never forget that. ISIS must be stopped permanently. And finally, I don’t go to church much anymore because I find God everywhere. I do still teach Church School – because the children are our future – and I teach love and tolerance.

  8. says

    The disturbing thing about all this is that so many are so taken by photographs like this, staged images designed to evoke exactly the kind of outrage everyone seems to enjoy getting to fester and boil. How about this. How about Christians realize that the very Christian institutions they are so devoted to are virulently connected to the deep politics operatives working through the grandest and nicest looking institutions, many of them very Christian-oriented. Christians gleefully pay taxes and tithes and interest payments and sign up with 501c3’s without a blink, never “growing a pair” — a pair of eyes that is — to see what they are doing: enlisting with the very elements they are hypnotically entranced to revile. You can’t share the love and mercy and grace and, yes, righteous judgment from the World, only from the Kingdom. So if you’re talking about having the balls, then see the System for what it is, get out of the World, stop doing the human sacrifice they’re all doing, and do self-sacrifice like Christ did because you actually love others. Then you’ll actually be a part of changing things.

    • There's more to it than that... says

      It’s a very sick and twisted cycle that’s been created. Deliberately I’m sure, by corrupt politicians. In the end, we all turn against each other because it’s just another effortless step of a thorough political plan. Most of us support many of these damaging institutions with our tax dollars and have not a single clue. Only we can choose to lift the veil that we so comfortably sleep under.

  9. Steve says

    ISIS are some seriously horrible dudes, but what I don’t understand is the need to create fake posts about them, such as this one.

    First pic, as has been pointed out, was from Syria, and it was used as propaganda against the rebels, the rebels we were supporting.

    ISIS has been terrorizing everyone, Muslims included. Christians and Jews have been given the option to convert, pay a tax, or die. The Yazidi, on the other hand, only have the one option, die.

    The only thing I can gather from posts like this is that they are pure propaganda, trying to pull everyone into a holy war.

    ISIS must be handled. ISIS is evil. You are not helping anything with fake posts.

  10. Jocelyn says

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your post but wonder, Are you as outspoken and bold on the issue of American babies being slaughtered every day in your own backyard ? My hope would be yes. But the REAL travesty is that countless people will see this post with ‘real’ pictures of ‘real toddlers’ with ‘big bodies’ and be horrified and say something, post something, do something. Those very same people will do nothing for their tiny neighbors down the street scheduled to die. Sad, but true. Let us be offended by all acts of evil- on our soil and abroad!!! These acts are happening every moment in America so ‘grow some’ men!

  11. fowlerbee says

    Agreed! Our priest gave the same message on Sunday- well, without telling us to grow a pair, but you know what I mean. Just to let you know, Catholics are Christians. I’m not sure why you needed to separate us from you?

  12. Anonymous Politically Educated Individual says

    I feel that although praying in this situation would be beneficial in supporting the people harmed by these outrageous circumstances, we should look more closely behind what is really happening in Iraq and Syria and after critically analysing the facts and balancing the probabilities, we can determine the reasons for why this is really happening and who has something to gain from it. I am very well convinced that there are atrocities being committed by all parties involved in these conflicts however I am also strongly urging people to not fall victim to the vicious propaganda being presented by media so that there is an increase of tension, racism and hatred between us and the middle eastern world.

  13. mike says

    Thx for someone growing a pair. I see a 3rd ww coming in the name of religion. People need to stand up to these crazies including our leadership

  14. T says

    I don’t mean to undermine the relevancy of this post, this topic is quite relevant to the modern Christian, and should not be ignored.

    But that picture of the small child held at gunpoint was actually posted by a member of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) during Assad’s campaign for rule in April 2014. The thing about a post like this, is that you argue for activism and being informed and passionate about the subject, but you improperly introduce it, with a picture that isn’t even part of the situation at hand. This is not to say that the same atrocities aren’t being committed, I only mean to say that it’s dangerous to use the monstrosities of one cause to further another. The situation with the FSA must be left separate from that of ISIS, because they represent radically different things. I only ask that when you beg others to be informed on a topic, you take care to be informed yourself.

  15. Estefania says

    Hi, my name is Estefania, I’m a catholic from Ecuador. I just shared this, but I’d like to translate it to spanish, as you are the author I need your permission, let me know if you are ok with that. As soon as I finish I’ll post it on facebook with the link that leads to this post.

  16. Mark says

    ISIS Muslims need to be stopped now. They are already impacting 4 countries. They want the world. We are their goal – dead.

  17. A respectful friend says

    A couple of thoughts –

    First, the picture with the kid being held at gunpoint isn’t from Iraq, it’s from Syria and the second picture, if I remember correctly, is a series of Iraqi police being laid in the ground and mass executed.

    What saddens, and infuriates me is that the story has really multiple filters depending on who you talk to. The people you obtained these images from may or may not have other agendas besides seeing Christians not be murdered. The administration has other agendas in this day and age besides listening to people. So, information given to me via facebook isn’t my best source of data on what’s going on on the ground within the Mideast.

    Secondly, Muslims, other Christians and those interested in doing what’s right are wearing the Arabic N on their chests and on their doors with the very real threat of torture or murder. It feels disingenuous, for me, a north American who is really and truly -safe- to do that. The symbol is more than a fad, more than something that will get changed when the next symbol comes out (how many people are still using ‘I’m a Hokie’ for their profile pictures?

    I want to do something real – I want to pray, and write. Let’s stop playing games.

  18. Nilson Cordeiro says

    Those cowards are not men enough to fight other men. Everytime they engage in a war agaisnt other men they hide in caves.