BPA contributing to early puberty in girls?

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I’ve heard of the growth hormone in conventional cow milk, rBGH, contributing to early puberty in girls. But this article was news to me. According to the author, “When BPA [a chemical compound used in many plastics] is leeched into the human body, it mimics estrogen and can offset the delicate hormonal balance in the developing child.”

“The average age that girls begin puberty currently stands at around ten years – a drop of more than a year in a single generation. Notably, a century ago the average age for the onset of puberty in girls was 16. Early onset of puberty in girls can cause a number of problems later in life due to hormonal imbalance, including increased risk of breast cancer.” Intriguing. I know when I was a teenager, the average age that puberty started in girls was around 13.

There are many other culprits that contribute to early onset puberty, including growth hormones in meat and dairy products and genetically modified foods. Check out the full article HERE.

Here is a list of brands that use BPA-free cans: BPA-Free Brands

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  1. Cheryl says

    My kids have never had cow’s milk on a regular basis. We use almond milk (and now coconut milk) on cereal and in baking and drink water. I started at age 12 and so did my daughter.

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