Alter Eco Chocolate Review & Giveaway!

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Do you love chocolate as much as I do?

I don’t know if that’s possible….but if it is, you’re gonna love this stuff!!

A few months back, I was perusing the chocolate section at Whole Foods and came across a Dark Mint chocolate bar made by Alter Eco (see photo above). My palate has never been the same since. I loved it so much, I e-mailed the company and told them how much I loved it. One of my main reasons: the ingredients! Here’s the ingredient list from the Dark Mint:

Cacao beans **, raw cane sugar**, cocoa butter**, peppermint crunch (raw cane sugar**, peppermint essence*, cocoa powder**), vanilla beans ** *organic **organic and fair trade Cocoa: 60% minimum

You can check out the nutritional info on all their other chocolate bars HERE.

Yes, yes, there is sugar. But at least is organic, raw sugar. I mean, for a chocolate bar, these ingredients are amazing. So, back to what I was saying…I e-mailed the company, told them how much I was in love with the Dark Mint chocolate, and asked if they might send me some samples of other products to review. And they were kind enough to send me some! I decided to recruit my kids to help with the taste-testing. They were so disappointed, as you can tell from their faces. You may notice there is one child missing. He was having some obedience issues that morning, and lost his privilege to taste-test with us. Sad, but true. He recovered fully. So, first, the kids reviews. As you’ll see, there is a photo first of what bar they are tasting, and then a “thumbs up,” “thumbs down,” or “thumbs in the middle” for what they thought of the taste.

Do you see anything missing? I may or MAY NOT have eaten the Dark Mint chocolate before the kids got to try it. What was I supposed to do? I had the bars for a solid 5 days before I had a chance to write this review…and it was just calling me…Shanti….Shanti….come eat me…so I did.

As for my review? It pretty much lined up with the kids.

Dark Almond: Yum.

Dark Quinoa: Yum. (think Nestle Crunch bar, but better!)

Dark Blackout: Not my favorite, mostly because I’m not a fan of dark, dark chocolate (It’s 85%!) However, it was Superman’s favorite. I guess he has a more refined palate.

Dark Mint: Do you need to ask? This stuff is delightfully tasty!!

Want to win some chocolate for yourself?

You can win THREE (that’s right–THREE!!) Alter Eco chocolate bars just for you!

Just enter below:


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  1. Carrie says

    I would LOVE to try the blackout bar…or the quinoa.
    Kids and hubby would gobble up the mint, for sure.
    And poor guy for missing out on the tasting! :(

  2. Bridgette says

    Oh – almost forgot to say I’d definitely choose the extra dark truffle! The darker the better for me :)

  3. Nicole says

    I am already signed up to your blog post emails. My favorite would be the Dark Blackout variety–the darker the better for me!

  4. Karla says

    I would love to try some of those bars! Dark chocolate has been my “treat” on my clean eating adventure.

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