3 ways wheat makes you fat

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So, while on our cruise, I started out the vacation sticking to my guns Paleo-wise. I stayed grain/dairy/sugar free. But by the 2nd day, the array of desserts began to beckon me and I thought, “What the heck. I’m on a cruise! A little dessert each day won’t hurt me.” And so it began. I did a great job of avoiding the rolls every night at dinner, but I did eat rice and couscous and other bits of grain here and there.

I’m not typically a bloated person. Especially since I cut out grains. I never realized how much they affected me until I cut them out and then reintroduced them. Within a few hours of eating grains, wheat specifically (via cheesecake crust and fruit tortes), I noticed that my belly expanded as if I miraculously became pregnant and was already in my 2nd trimester. Obviously, the wheat didn’t make me fat in a matter of days, but it sure made me look like I was carrying extra weight. And I didn’t feel good. My old friend joint pain came back. By the end of the week, my foggy head had returned and I could literally see the affect my food intake was having on my body. I couldn’t wait to be back home, surrounded by my wheat-less pantry and fridge. Why is that stuff so addicting?

Yesterday I came across this great article about three hidden ways wheat makes you fat. Check it out HERE. If I had seen it before, I would have taped it to the wall in our cabin.

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  1. Jen says

    Just out of curiosity, I’d love to see a blog about why you call Superman, Superman. Also, you say grains like all of them are created equal. What about rice flour, oat flour,brown rice, and the like whole grains or flours? Still the badness?

    • says

      Hi, Jen! Sounds like a good idea–I’ll put that on my list of future posts. I actually don’t think all grains are created equal…I think some are worse than others. Wheat, in particular. I give our kids oatmeal once a week, and will occasionally serve rice. I’ve used gluten-free flour mix for a special pancake treat on occasion. I am not happy with our world’s wheat situation, and I don’t think that grains in general are good for us–lots of potential downsides and not as many nutrients–but, I do think some are worse than others. Hope that helps!

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